New normal

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Been spending a lot of time here lately and really enjoying it for the first time in a long time. 

It’s been quite a journey in the last few years - a disappointing tradeshow, the loss of my elderly mother (both parents actually) and the sale of my childhood home all felt like my world was upside down. When would I feel motivated, inspired and excited about life and work again?

I emerged from this funk over time and felt ready to empower myself to do the work to finally feel a sense of fulfillment and inner joy. I began experimenting with art supplies, taking online art classes, seeking guidance from friends and coaches and developing work I could be proud of. 
I turned a corner and through creating I have started feeling the life come back into me. I could see things clearly and am excited to sit at this desk and paint daily. 

This new normal is a great place to be and makes me look forward to seeing what I can do from here. I highly recommend spending time creating for the fun of it. It works wonders. 

***Keep an eye out here for announcements in the upcoming days. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on and will have exciting items for sale for the holidays! xo

Live Painting at Sezane Pop-Up Shop

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Parisian fashion brand, Sezane. Their classic, feminine, polished and beautiful aesthetic was brought to life at their recent Los Angeles pop-up shop.


For several days in March and April I worked in an amazing, floral setting outside the store painting French phrases for their customers. C'est tres jolie!


As the customers chose from a list of popular French phrases of endearment, I used watercolors, Tombow brush marker pens and watercolor paper to create their art pieces. I painted brightly-colored florals to match Sezane's spring collection brand aesthetic.


I couldn't wait to ask the customer's what they purchased. Stepping into the shop makes your heart leap. There's so many beautiful pieces to choose from! (I love the striped top I wore from their collection)


In the first few days after opening, customers received one of these incredible flowers from Farm Girl.


I was incredibly inspired by the flowers I was surrounded in. It was a dreamy place to work for the day.


Thanks, Sezane, for a truly enjoyable and memorable experience!