Live Painting at Sezane Pop-Up Shop

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Parisian fashion brand, Sezane. Their classic, feminine, polished and beautiful aesthetic was brought to life at their recent Los Angeles pop-up shop.


For several days in March and April I worked in an amazing, floral setting outside the store painting French phrases for their customers. C'est tres jolie!


As the customers chose from a list of popular French phrases of endearment, I used watercolors, Tombow brush marker pens and watercolor paper to create their art pieces. I painted brightly-colored florals to match Sezane's spring collection brand aesthetic.


I couldn't wait to ask the customer's what they purchased. Stepping into the shop makes your heart leap. There's so many beautiful pieces to choose from! (I love the striped top I wore from their collection)


In the first few days after opening, customers received one of these incredible flowers from Farm Girl.


I was incredibly inspired by the flowers I was surrounded in. It was a dreamy place to work for the day.


Thanks, Sezane, for a truly enjoyable and memorable experience!


New Art in the Etsy Shop!

I have a confession to make - I haven't updated my Etsy shop in awhile. My site was hacked late last year and since building this new site it was on my to-do list. Well it is done now! I will be updating it quarterly (or sooner) with new products and art! Here's two of the new, available art prints!


Check out my Etsy shop for art prints (and personalized ones too), custom rubber stamps, calligraphy services, paintings and more!

Interested in a commission or want to inquire about a product? Contact me here and let's discuss!

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Find me at Altitude Summit Conference!

Next week I will be attending Altitude Summit, or "Alt Summit", as it is called. Alt Summit is a unique conference for creative bloggers and creative businesses that packs on the fun, top-knotch speakers, great sponsors, and lots of inspiration.


This is the second year they are holding it in Palm Springs - lucky me - it's a short 2 hour drive from LA! In the past it was in snowy Utah but Palm Springs provides the perfect backdrop for this spirited event. I have attended several years as a speaker. Last year I held a roundtable discussion on "How to tap into your authentic self and overcome your creative blocks". 


It was a great talk and I met so many passionate and creative women who were interested in hearing the importance of being themselves and putting their message into the world. Here are some highlights from the event...

 Listened to a powerful talk from author, speaker and influencer,  Luvvie Ajayi  and joyfully received a signed copy of her popular and hilarious book!

Listened to a powerful talk from author, speaker and influencer, Luvvie Ajayi and joyfully received a signed copy of her popular and hilarious book!

 Another incredible guest, designer,  Todd Oldham , spoke about his career and design.

Another incredible guest, designer, Todd Oldham, spoke about his career and design.

 Dancing with my girls at the party! (image by Justin Hackworth)

Dancing with my girls at the party! (image by Justin Hackworth)

 Hanging out at the brightly colored  Saguaro hotel .

Hanging out at the brightly colored Saguaro hotel.

I will be at the conference from Feb. 26-28th. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see the festivities!



Feature in Flow Magazine Issue 20

JGonzales_FLowMagazine1I'm so excited to announce my recent interview in one of my favorite publications, Flow Magazine! If you aren't familiar with Flow this magazine it is a fantastic resource for creative types that promotes the importance of having a creative, healthy mindset, fostering and developing your creativity through the inner world, support for the ebbs and flows in life, finding flow in your life and living creatively. It is beautifully designed and illustrated and always has fun goodies to tear out and use (like notebooks, posters and bookmarks). They even offer additional publications and products such as a 2018 diary, their adorable gift book "A Book that Takes it Time" and other special editions. JeanettaGonzales_FLowMagazine4JeanettaGonzales_FLowMagazine2

I am so pleased with the feature and honored to be a part of this special magazine. It provides tremendous emotional and creative support and is very timely and needed right now. ***You can read my interview here.

Please check out this thoughtful magazine. You can find it in Barnes and Noble stores or purchase it on Flow's website.


Wedding Suite for Mixbook

Mixbook_postI am extremely excited to announce my wedding suite designs, Forever Flowers, with Mixbook. I was inspired by the tropical trend and thought my invite design would be great for destination weddings or anyone who loves vibrant flowers. I've personally love their customizable product line of home decor and photo products. Mixbook_foreverflowers_suite

In my Forever Flowers suite you can choose from the invitation, save the date, reception cards, enclosure stickers, address labels, and a thank you card. Grab the invite here!

Mixbook_foreverflowers_suite2 Mixbook_foreverflowersforeverflowersforeverflowers_labels Mixbook_thankyou




Valentine Card Printables

Valentine_card2Valentine's Day is near and I'd love to share the this fun collaboration I did with the fabulous and creative, Amber, of Damask Love. Each month she is showcasing a different artist who created an exclusive printable for her newsletter subscribers. This month I am the artist! I created this watercolor Valentine's floral for you to personalize and give to your loved ones. Valentine_card1See Amber's instructional post on how to assemble the card and envelope liner. Valentine_card_printables_demo Amber is a whiz at crafts and styling and I love her aesthetic and big personality. Her blog is a must read for any craft lover. Subscribe to her newsletter on her site (in the side bar) to get my Valentine printable all the other upcoming monthly printables and studio news. You're going to love her and her work!



Editorial Illustration: CA Lottery

CA_Lottery_LASentinelI had the pleasure of working on a super-fun project for the CA Lottery. I created illustrations for the lottery that depicted Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco/Oakland landmarks. I was approached as they were interested in working with a California artist to create illustrations that celebrate these cities and showcase major landmarks and those that have significance in the African American communities. The campaign just launched in the last couple of weeks and I couldn't wait to share it. The illustrations were placed in local papers in LA districts and animated, digital banners were placed on sites such as and Hip Hop Wired. CA_Lottery_Banners

Digital BannersBanner_Lottery

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

CA_Lottery_PapersSan Francisco/Oakland Illustration CA_Lottery_SFoakSacramento IllustrationCA_Lottery_Sac Los Angeles Illustration CA_Lottery__LA

Agency: Muse Advertising

Speaking at Alt Summit

Woo-hoo! I am heading to Alt Summit at the end of the month. This will be my 4th time attending this conference for creative bloggers and I am even more excited to be speaking this time. See 2013 and 2014 recaps here. Here is a photo of me at my talk from the 2014 conference (photo by Justin Hackworth). roundtable_altTo make it even sweeter it has been moved to the fabulous Palm Springs - just 2 hours away! No more snow. It is usually in Utah and in January it is BRICK COLD. Last year I gave a inspiration shopping tour (we braved the cold but luckily one of the attendees had a large vehicle and drove us around). I am looking forward to warmer weather, driving there with my bud, Andrea, (it's a fun ride) and most importantly - staying at the popular Saguro hotel!


Isn't it just the quintessential Palm Springs hotel? It is quite the perfect location for this shin-dig too. Us crafters, photographers and designers who blog are going to be bug-eyed with all the eye candy and inspiration here.

There are several breakout sessions and activities at the conference you can attend. One of the sessions are roundtable discussions held in the ballroom. Each table has a different topic of discussion led by someone (like me!) who is there to help educate and hold collaborative conversations about topics that pertain to the attendees like topics for professional bloggers, running a creative business, writing a book, organizational tips, personal development and many more. I will be leading a discussion on a topic I'm passionate about, "How to Tap Into Your Authentic Creative Self and Overcome Creative Blocks". I'm in the process of writing my presentation and looking forward to meeting others who want to dive into uncovering their true selves. I am sure we will have some great convos! If you are there I'd love to meet you. If not I'll be sure to recap it all here in February!

Happy New Year!


2016 is was an EYE OPENER for me!  As I sat on the plane coming home from holiday vacation I saw this amazing skyline. It felt like the right moment to reflect on the year passed and think about my lessons learned - lessons I can use going into 2017 and think are helpful for everyone. I can't wait to see what the new year holds and am joyfully optimistic that it will be filled with magic.

The last year was equal amounts of amazing to equal amounts of yuck. I do feel that I grew up a lot in 2016. I took some risks and stretched myself more out of my comfort zones. I wrote for the, gave an inspiration shopping tour at Alt Summit, started Periscoping and created the Heart 2 Art show and FB community with a my friend, Anne, exhibited at Surtex, started coaching more, taught social media again and worked on some exciting projects that took me in new directions. There were bumps along the way and some big disappointments but I learned a lot about myself which I summed up here into three things:

1. Be More Patient & Let Go I get really anxious and impatient about something that I want to happen and I obsess, it doesn't work out and I dwell. I am sure this is pretty common but I learned to let go more and more and release my control. It is easier said than done but it has helped me tremendously. I realized I can't control the situation but I can control how I react. For me it's about not wasting energy and avoiding any unnecessary anguish. Another thing I do is I always want to know WHY something happened. I do spend a little time trying to find the lesson in it and when I do it is healing. I may figure out why it was caused in the first place (usually to create a better outcome that I may not have noticed) or what it is teaching me. But I usually abandon it after awhile if I can't see why since it isn't worth the energy and I need to move on. Just let things go and don't sweat it.

2. Be More Flexible I can highly recommend going with the flow. Letting things play out, easing up your impatience and being flexible THROUGHOUT it ALL - especially when it doesn't work out - can really save you a lot of suffering or frustration. If things swing one way now I just go with it and lean into that direction. Resistance will make things go sideways. Pushing against something will just make it worse and not help the situation. Go with the flow!

3. Be Gentler to Myself Being more gentle with yourself can work wonders too. We are all hard on ourselves and it just causes us to spiral down more and more. I spend a lot less time making myself feel bad now. It hasn't helped me move forward and keeps me from focusing on the positive. It messes with your confidence and self esteem too. Why would you want to stay in a mental prison? Again it is about not spending our energy in the wrong places - I'd much rather spend it being happy, optimistic and looking to the future than beating myself up all day over something that was in the past. Go easy on yourself and let yourself off the hook!

I am hopeful for 2017 and plan on being more easy-going, optimistic and enjoying life more. Hope that the new year is expansive, joyful and your best year yet!