Thanks for Enrolling!

SO happy you are here! Welcome to "Jumpstart your Art Licensing Career"!!! (hey that rhymes!)



You are now on your way to Begin licensing your art!
As mentioned starting the week of March 25th we will be meeting weekly at a scheduled time for 2 hours via Zoom to talk shop!

Here's a rundown:

Week 1 (week of March 25):  "Let's do this!"
We will start with intros, a talk about the biz of art licensing, what is an art collection and overview on online portfolios.
Homework: Start working on your collection(s). I will do a 30-minute call with each of you this week to review the collection you'd like to work on and discuss how to best set up your website portfolios. (Website development and art development will be continuous throughout the course.)

Week 2 (week of April 1): "How do I set up my online portfolio?"
We will discuss how to design your online portfolio. How to structure and organize it.  See examples.
Homework: Continue to develop work and start building website portfolio.

Week 3 (week of April 8): "How do I find companies that are right for my art?"
We will discuss how to research companies and how to identify the ones that are right for you.
Homework: Continue to develop work, website and research companies.

Week 4 (week of April 15): "We are halfway there!"
I would like to start with a Q&A and cover anything you need more help with. The second hour we will discuss what a presentation looks like and how to organize yours.
Homework: Continue to develop work, website and research companies. Start on your presentation if you are ready.

Week 5 (week of April 22): "How do I keep track of my submissions and submit regularly?"
You will receive tips, tools and resources for getting organized and learn how to structure your art licensing biz.
This week I will do a 30-minute call with each of you to go over your work-to-date and answer any questions.
Homework: Finish website, research companies and design your presentation.

Week 6 (week of April 29): "I got an offer - what's next?"
We will cover contract basics and what to say to a potential client. We will do a show-and-tell to review everyone's presentations and discuss next steps. You will submit this week!
(You will receive a resource guide of consultants and lawyers who can help you at this stage.)

Follow up: "Let's share our progress and WINS!"
We will schedule a follow-up call in the next month to see how you are all doing!

NOTE 1: Because it is a small group we have the luxury of moving things around and have a more organic weekly process. If we need to spend more time collectively on one thing than another than we will! I want to make sure you all have what you need. We can gauge weekly and stay on pace to submit at the end of 6 weeks!

NOTE 2: Ask me anything! Students have email access to me the entire 6 weeks. Write me with your questions if you need assistance and I will help you directly.

NOTE 3:  I will set up your group and send emails on the 22nd to schedule our first call. I will introduce each of you and share your email contacts so you can support one another and become art licensing BFFs during the 6 weeks and beyond! 

NOTE 4: Please try to attend every class in person. I'd love for you to be present, receive info first-hand and support one another. If you can not attend it will be recorded and shared afterwards. You will have access to the class videos until we meet for our follow-up call. They expire after the follow-up meeting. Please do not share the videos - the workshops and recordings were made for you group.