Jumpstart your Art Licensing Career


Jumpstart your Art Licensing Career


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Receive all the help you need to start your Art Licensing career and start making submissions in 6 weeks!


3-5 Students Per Group, 10 SPOTS TOTAL

Starts the week of March 25th through first week in May

We meet once a week via video call for a 2-hour session with weekly homework assignments


In this 6-week intensive:
- create a body of work to submit to manufacturers (or if you have work we will refine it and develop a collection of work to submit to companies)

- create a Squarespace site or rework your website with the proper art galleries, branding and language to attract art buyers and licensing opportunities

- research and identify 2-4 companies to submit to that are right for you

- put structures in place to help you stay organized and create a system and plan for submitting & art-making

- receive weekly accountability for your work and progress 

- create your first presentation and submit it to the companies you researched!

- receive resources for help with contracts and info on next steps once you get an offer

We will do a follow up call in the next month to see how you are all doing!


  • you will get 1 hour of consult time with me to ensure your work is ready to submit and your website and brand are looking amazing! I will be giving you spreadsheets, resources and tools to keep your organized
  • you will be in a group setting where you can meet other artists who are on the same path, share your work, get support and build your community

The trade shows start in late May so after the workshop you will be on time to walk the shows and confident having conversations.


Here's the weekly rundown:

- Week 1 (week of March 25):  "Let's do this!"
We will start with intros, a talk about the biz of art licensing, what is an art collection and overview on online portfolios. I schedule a 30-minute call with each student this week to review their art for submissions. Website development and art development will be continuous throughout the 6 weeks.

- Week 2 (week of April 1): "How do I set up my online portfolio?"
We will discuss how to design your online portfolio. How to structure and organize it. See examples.

- Week 3 (week of April 8): "How do I find companies that are right for my art?"
We will discuss how to research companies and how to identify the ones that are right for you.

- Week 4 (week of April 15): "We are halfway there!"
Start with a Q&A and cover anything you need more help with. The second hour we will discuss what a presentation looks like and how to design yours.

- Week 5 (week of April 22): "How do I keep track of my submissions and submit regularly?
You will receive help with getting organized and learn how to structure your art licensing biz. This week I will do a 30-minute call with each of you to go over your work-to-date and answer any questions.

- Week 6 (week of April 29): "I got an offer - what's next?" 
We will cover contract basics and what to say to a potential client. We will do a show-and-tell to review everyone's presentations and discuss next steps. You will submit this week. (You will receive a resource guide of consultants and lawyers who can help you at this stage.)

- Follow up: "Let's share our progress and WINS!" 
We will schedule a follow-up call for the next month to see how you are all doing!