Time to Vote!

This is a very important election and I will be on pins and needles. Let’s all make sure we vote! It’s our duty to make sure our voices are heard!


New normal

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Been spending a lot of time here lately and really enjoying it for the first time in a long time. 

It’s been quite a journey in the last few years - a disappointing tradeshow, the loss of my elderly mother (both parents actually) and the sale of my childhood home all felt like my world was upside down. When would I feel motivated, inspired and excited about life and work again?

I emerged from this funk over time and felt ready to empower myself to do the work to finally feel a sense of fulfillment and inner joy. I began experimenting with art supplies, taking online art classes, seeking guidance from friends and coaches and developing work I could be proud of. 
I turned a corner and through creating I have started feeling the life come back into me. I could see things clearly and am excited to sit at this desk and paint daily. 

This new normal is a great place to be and makes me look forward to seeing what I can do from here. I highly recommend spending time creating for the fun of it. It works wonders. 

***Keep an eye out here for announcements in the upcoming days. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on and will have exciting items for sale for the holidays! xo

Live Painting at Sezane Pop-Up Shop

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Parisian fashion brand, Sezane. Their classic, feminine, polished and beautiful aesthetic was brought to life at their recent Los Angeles pop-up shop.


For several days in March and April I worked in an amazing, floral setting outside the store painting French phrases for their customers. C'est tres jolie!


As the customers chose from a list of popular French phrases of endearment, I used watercolors, Tombow brush marker pens and watercolor paper to create their art pieces. I painted brightly-colored florals to match Sezane's spring collection brand aesthetic.


I couldn't wait to ask the customer's what they purchased. Stepping into the shop makes your heart leap. There's so many beautiful pieces to choose from! (I love the striped top I wore from their collection)


In the first few days after opening, customers received one of these incredible flowers from Farm Girl.


I was incredibly inspired by the flowers I was surrounded in. It was a dreamy place to work for the day.


Thanks, Sezane, for a truly enjoyable and memorable experience!


New Art in the Etsy Shop!

I have a confession to make - I haven't updated my Etsy shop in awhile. My site was hacked late last year and since building this new site it was on my to-do list. Well it is done now! I will be updating it quarterly (or sooner) with new products and art! Here's two of the new, available art prints!


Check out my Etsy shop for art prints (and personalized ones too), custom rubber stamps, calligraphy services, paintings and more!

Interested in a commission or want to inquire about a product? Contact me here and let's discuss!

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